Tuesday, October 30, 2012

NO! STOP! Don't turn your computer upside down! This is a new trick I've discovered to store my lotion!  I hate it when the last little drops wont come out, so I usually store it upside down.  I recently bought a few pipe straps at Menards for only 37 cents!  Can't beat that!
I just used two thumb tacks I had to secure the strap to my dresser, and it works like a charm! 
The neck of the bottle fits right in!

Here's what the pipe straps look like...  
They are so cheap, I couldn't resist seeing what else I could use them for! They come in all shapes and sizes-so let's get creative :)
I also attached one to my vanity (which I really need to paint!!) to hold my brush!
Again, it fit perfectly! Keeps my brush right at hand and I love it!! Even better that it only cost me 37 cents!!!:)

You can also use these pipe straps in the kitchen for utensils, the shower for shampoos, under the sink to hold spray bottles-the possibilities are endless! And since they are so cheap-there's no worry! :)

Let me know how you decide to use them-I'd love to see pictures and hear your stories! :) 


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  1. this is pretty clever idea :)

    love this!