Friday, October 19, 2012


hi there!

I promised to show you guys my freezer, so here it is...
Let me tell you, it did NOT start out very pretty...

That's it, a completely blank canvas.  There was just one little half shelf-what am i supposed to do with that?!
Time out!

Before I start explaining my thought process for organizing our freezer, let me fill you in on our lives a little bit...not to bore you just to explain why I do some of what I do.

We never eat together, not by choice [trust me!] but because our work schedules conflict and we are never together for meals. I am also a vegetarian and my fiance is not [lame!] so we usually just eat separate, single serving meals throughout the week.  
Time in!

My first task was to find us some shelves! I looked online and they were asking around $20+, which is fine for some people but I personally would rather spend that on something else.

Next stop, WalMart.  They had some wire shelves [found here] that were fine and the right size but they were around $10-$15.  Not much better. 

Enter: the dollar store. I found smaller wire shelves in the kitchen section of my local Dollar Tree-SCORE!  It took two to get the perfect size shelf but still, that's only $2. Using two shelves instead of insiting I find the perfect ONE to work, saved me $$$.  Gotta love that Dollar Tree!

The next steps were pretty simple.  I shopped my house [one of my all time favorite things to do!] and found this plastic drawer unit I had from my freshman year in the dorm.  It came from Bed, Bath & Beyond for about $4.50 [with my coupon].  

This was an exact perfect fit on top of the shelf, and when it fits so perfect, I just go with it. So that's where it went...

Inside I put just one like item-all my bags of frozen fruit...

I like this drawer unit because it fit so perfectly and the flat top allows me to store even more on top of it [those are burritos btw!]

Under the shelf go our ice cube trays and a few miscellaneous popsicles! 

On top of the wire shelves I bought goes this old shoe box [I washed it out of course!]. I found that it fit all of our boxed TV dinners [I know...bad fiance doesn't cook] perfectly and utilized the entire depth of the freezer-always necessary with such a small space.  

In the door we have my shelf of Boca products and some frozen vegetables.  

I just made the labels on word then laminated them.  I even kept the scraps so I can label and date more temporary items in our freezer (leftovers etc).  I use a dry erase marker that I keep on the front of the freezer.  

 Well, that's all folks!  I spent a total of $2 and I LOVE it.  How do you keep your freezer tidy? Most importantly, do you love to "shop your house" as much as I do?  I always find the best things and it's FREE! This project makes me feel like with a little imagination and a few bucks, I can do anything-and so can you!



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