Thursday, October 31, 2013

this is Halloween, this is Halloween...


I saw this super cute idea all over pinterest this year and I instantly knew I had to make them for Halloween!! They are SO incredibly easy to make, I love it!  This would make a great project to do with kids :)
I'm planning to stuff them with candy-umm duh it's Halloween!!
Here's what you'll need: 

  • empty and clean soup cans (watch out for sharp edges!) 

  • black paint and paint brush (optional)

  • white crepe paper (or gauze of some sort if you prefer!)

  • googly eyes

  • glue, or glue gun as I used

  •  First I painted my cans black.  You don't have to be terribly particular with this step, since it'll just be covered anyway.  It's just for a nice solid base :) 
    see, TOTALLY not perfect.  

    Then I measured the crepe paper around the can and tore a bunch of strips of it that length
    (kids would totally dig this!)

    [NOT toilet paper, I promise!!]

    Then I covered the top edge of the can, to cover the brim as shown:
    easy peasy!

    I just wrapped the strips of torn crepe paper around, layering them and adding as I liked.  Glue the eyes on and add one more layer of crepe paper over the top and....
     TA DA!
    I love this project for SOOOOO many reasons! It's so so so simple but yet so adorably cute.  It would make a great crafternoon with kiddos! 
    It totally doesn't have to be perfect because a)'s a mummy and b) it's gunna be stuffed with candy so no one will even care if it's perfect!
     [i love how they're all different!]
    And lastly, HI! It cost me literally TWO DOLLARS.  Yup count 'em TWO buckaroos.  $1 for the crepe paper and $1 for the eyes at the dollar store.  I made 25 of these little dudes for 200 pennies, and I even have some leftover supplies for next year :)

    What Halloween projects have you been up to? I love this holiday, I can't wait to see the trick-or-treaters tonight!! 

    Thanks for stopping by!!! 
    <3, court

    Wednesday, October 30, 2013

    Follow Me!

    I would just LOOOOOVE it if you'd follow me on Pinterest :)  

    Here's my favorite pin of the week: 
    Are you as pin-addicted as I am?!  
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    Tuesday, October 29, 2013

    So you're going on a trip...

    I hate living far from my family, but I'm lucky to live close enough for weekend trips.  Between my fiance's family and my own, traveling for work and seeing friends, we are gone quite a bit!

    This may sound silly but I get a little nervous leaving our house and I like to just make sure everything is taken care of before we head out.  I made up this little list to help give me peace of mind while we're away.
    As you can see, I have an upstairs page and downstairs page.  This way, I can take one and my fiance can take the other and we are done in half the time!  It takes maybe five minutes (if that!) to quickly go through the list before we are ready to hit the road, jack. 
    I laminated my lists and keep them on a clip board in our living room.  We use a dry erase marker (which wipes clean off of laminated pages) to check things off and make any notes.  If you don't have a laminatorsheet protectors work just as well :) 
    Knowing that everything is taken care of at home helps me relax and enjoy my trip :) Do you have any tips for traveling?  I'd love to hear 'em!

    Thanks for visiting, 
    <3 courtney

    Monday, October 28, 2013

    Holy Chevron Wall Batman...

    Well hello there! Long time no see :)

    Let's catch up with this little guy...

    "But you're a renter!" you might exclaim.  That's right, I am.  That's not paint my friend, it's ELECTRICAL TAPE.  About 15 rolls of it to be exact.  It's holding up beautifully so far and don't worry Mr. Landlord-it comes off clean with a little heat from my blow dryer.   

     (excuse the glare! my apartment has terrible lighting)

     It's really one of my favorite projects so far! It's in our living room, the first room you enter in the house, and it just makes such an impact.  It's simple but modern and unique.  What a great way to spruce up other wise boring white walls, without paint!  

    As with everything I do, it was a super inexpensive project.  I picked up the electrical tape at Menards in a 5 pack (on sale!).  And the process what actually very simple, just a little tedious.  Netflix helps :)  

    Here's a night shot: 

    And up close: 

     you can see the individual strips of tape this close up!

    I just very carefully cut around the outlet:

    And that's it!  I love it, I think it makes a great accent wall and I can see it being done so many different ways! Electrical tape comes in many different colors and I think a smaller wall or different pattern would be just so cool.  What a fun and temporary way to make your room POP. 

    Have a great one!