Thursday, October 31, 2013

this is Halloween, this is Halloween...


I saw this super cute idea all over pinterest this year and I instantly knew I had to make them for Halloween!! They are SO incredibly easy to make, I love it!  This would make a great project to do with kids :)
I'm planning to stuff them with candy-umm duh it's Halloween!!
Here's what you'll need: 

  • empty and clean soup cans (watch out for sharp edges!) 

  • black paint and paint brush (optional)

  • white crepe paper (or gauze of some sort if you prefer!)

  • googly eyes

  • glue, or glue gun as I used

  •  First I painted my cans black.  You don't have to be terribly particular with this step, since it'll just be covered anyway.  It's just for a nice solid base :) 
    see, TOTALLY not perfect.  

    Then I measured the crepe paper around the can and tore a bunch of strips of it that length
    (kids would totally dig this!)

    [NOT toilet paper, I promise!!]

    Then I covered the top edge of the can, to cover the brim as shown:
    easy peasy!

    I just wrapped the strips of torn crepe paper around, layering them and adding as I liked.  Glue the eyes on and add one more layer of crepe paper over the top and....
     TA DA!
    I love this project for SOOOOO many reasons! It's so so so simple but yet so adorably cute.  It would make a great crafternoon with kiddos! 
    It totally doesn't have to be perfect because a)'s a mummy and b) it's gunna be stuffed with candy so no one will even care if it's perfect!
     [i love how they're all different!]
    And lastly, HI! It cost me literally TWO DOLLARS.  Yup count 'em TWO buckaroos.  $1 for the crepe paper and $1 for the eyes at the dollar store.  I made 25 of these little dudes for 200 pennies, and I even have some leftover supplies for next year :)

    What Halloween projects have you been up to? I love this holiday, I can't wait to see the trick-or-treaters tonight!! 

    Thanks for stopping by!!! 
    <3, court


    1. This is such a cute idea!


      1. thanks Lauren! I'd love it if you'd follow me on Pinterest:

        Happy Halloween!

      2. Super cute! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, will follow you !
        Happy Halloween !

      3. Karolyn, thanks so much!! I love your blog too, can't wait to see what you have next :)

        Thanks again!

    2. Replies
      1. thanks Vett! and thanks for stopping by :) I'd LOVE for you to follow me on Pinterest-I just started following you :)

    3. cool tutorial for halloween! thanks :)

      1. aw, thanks so much! LOVE that blue dress you rocked on your blog :)

    4. I really love this idea! i wish i had read it sooner :(

      1. i know!! that's my bad for not posting if BEFORE Halloween-whoopsie :)

        hope you had a great Halloween!

    5. Wish I'd seen this a few days ago! So crazy cute!


      1. mikky, thanks so much! :) there's always next year! I'll def. be using some of those mirror ideas you posted next year! :)
        Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to follow me on Pinterest ;)

    6. This is so cute! shame haloween was yesterday :( I can still make it though, can't i? haha. Who makes these rules :)


      1. haha there are no rules!! go for it-be sure to share the pics ;)

        Have a great one xo, court

    7. cute diy and cool halloween gift for someone :)