Sunday, November 3, 2013

Coming Attractions...

lol, gotta make yourself laugh with the titles right?? :)

Well hello there, happy Sunday!! 

I've had SUCH a wonderful weekend.  I love relaxing but I LOVE how productive I've been lately! I feel like I'm trying to get everything done before the cold really sets in.  
Winter is coming. 

I'm so excited to be taking this blog more seriously! I feel like I'm [FINALLY] getting settled in my job and my home and my LIFE.  Ever since I was catapulted into adulthood about a year ago, my life has been crazy, in a totally awesome way, but crazy all the same.  

This coming week, I'm going to be talking about work related projects.  As I said, I feel like I've finally settled into my job and I have SO much to share.  Things I'd do differently, what I've learned, how I organize my [unpredictable] schedule, how I organize my office, and much much more!          

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How did you spend your weekend? I hope you have an AMAZING week :)

Thanks for stopping by! 
<3 court


  1. it's good to hear that you feel that you've finally settled into your job♥
    hey thanks for stopping by at my blog, come visit me back sometime if you want some inspiration on organizing your rental home - i have a page on my blog that is dedicated to organizing - ORGANIZED SPACES


    1. thanks so much Rea! and i LOVE your Organized Spaces page :)
      Have a great one!