Monday, November 4, 2013

Prioritized To Do List for work

I have a confession to make...the first step is admitting, right?

I am an all out, full fledged, hardcore list-making JUNKIE.  But like seriously, is there some kind of group I can join?? :)

Since this week I'm focusing on WERQ (I mean work, but let's make it a LITTLE fun okaaaay?), I'm going to go into the evolution of my werq to do lists.  

I've had several strategies for organizing my time and tasks, but these two lists in particular worked (werq'd???) best.  This first one, I made and used for a few months, before my roles changed I got super crazy busy.

here's a free, editable printable of the document: FREE PRINTABLE
[this is just an example, as I don't use this system anymore. My current system will be featured tomorrow!]
As you can see, it's divided into three categories: Must Do, Other, and Little Things.

1) Must Do-pretty self explanatory.  Things I HAD to get done that day, projects due, meetings to attend. 
2) Other-things I should/could do, projects with approaching deadlines, tasks that aren't quite as important but it would be fantastic if I get to them.  This is also for things that wouldn't take a super long time.  
3) Little Things-Originally had this titled "menial tasks" and reconsidered.  But I mean...that's what is it. 
This category is for those little miscellaneous things that you do, that are never really "due" or "must do's"...but you need to do them at some point.  I would also include very short projects or tasks here, for if I ever found myself with and extra 5 minutes (yeah right!!) or for if I ever just needed to give my brain a break.  Sometimes, after getting bogged down with emails for 3 hours, I just need to take a break for a second-ya know? So I choose a tasks from this category and clear my mind.  It's a great tip!  
I also made this list very realistic.  Let's face it, none of us get everything we hope to done everyday.  So using this list, any project(s) I DIDN'T finish that day, I would highlight and move down to the next day's list.  
 As you can see, tasks can "jump" categories, so something that wasn't a priority on Monday may become one if it still isn't done by Wednesday! :)
I really liked this list for many reasons.  It really helped me manage my time and prioritize my tasks.  It also helped give me an idea of what my week has in store.  Limiting myself to 5 tasks in each category also helped me not get too bogged down in any one thing.  I also was able to keep these lists for meetings with my supervisor.   
I think my favorite tip is to have a list of "little things" that you can do when you need a break.  Things that do benefit your work but that you can squeeze in when you need a break :)
What tips do you have for tracking your tasks at work? Have you created any to do lists for work? I'd LOVE to see! Share below.  
& be sure to come back tomorrow to see the list I'm using now! :)

Thanks for stopping by <3 

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