Friday, August 29, 2014

Sale (& new obsession) Alert!

Totally & completely UH-bsessed with our new comforter. 

It is so cute and, yes, very summery as we go into the winter months-but I don't even care!  
I saw it online a few weeks ago on sale for around $75, which I thought was okaaay but when I went into my store it was full price-$99.99... 
so I passed. 
Sorry I'm not sorry.

But TODAY!... having already accepted the fact that I'd never have my dream comforter, I was wandering aimlessly through the bedding and saw it...  
on sale for (get ready for it) $45! 

Needlessly to say, it came home with me.
*It's on sale online for $55.98. It was $45 at my local target though, so check it out. 

  It did come out of the bag pretty wrinkly but I'm still in love.  To be fair, the pattern does stop about halfway up and the comforter is just pure white.  It doesn't look exactly like the picture (at least the king size).  But that actually just makes me love it even more!  It makes our small bedroom bright and happy.  
So I'm happy.  

Get yours here and enjoy summer all winter.  

-I'm hoping to do a full bedroom post (we have a very small bedroom) soon! 

<3 xo