Sunday, October 28, 2012

Free Headband Storage


I've been noticing since we moved that I have been wearing the same super-boring hairstyle almost everyday.  I tried to switch it up (which is why I started even planning my hairstyles in advance) but I just always resorted to the same down-and-straight go to.  

I started thinking and realized that, even though I do have a lot of hair accessories (headbands, bows, ribbons) they never get used because, HELLO!, they were being stored like this...
NO WONDER! that is NOT a very good system for organizing my hair stuff!

I started scouring the interwebs and Pinterest for different ideas for headband storage.  I found this one that I really loved... I made it! It looked cute and I had a great space for it, but in reality, it didn't fit my own personal needs.  My headbands were too wide or were getting stuck.  It just wasn't perfect.  Plus, I had a lot of OTHER hair accessories I wanted to store as well.

Then I found this one...
...which I thought was SO clever and loved because it was free! 
It's just an old oatmeal container, covered in pretty paper.  

But as I said, I have a lot of other hair things and when I looked at this I thought, "The inside looks like wasted space...could I use the inside???"

So I did! I cut my oatmeal container into smaller sections for all my other "do-dads."  I still wanted to stack so I cut out cardboard "bottoms"...
and covered them in scrapbook paper...
Then I just hot glued the cut oatmeal jar to the newly made "bottom"...
added some more scrapbook paper to the outside...
filled them with my different do-dad (bows in one, ribbons, flowers etc) and then stacked them back up!
The headbands fit perfectly around the container...
...and my stuff fits perfectly inside! It's the best of both worlds, I LOVE it!

How do you store your pretty little things? See ya soon!



  1. i saw this at pinterest too :) and been wanting to do it, maybe later...yours turned really pretty!


  2. Thanks for your idea! I posted it on my post!