Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Cheap Valentine's Day Party Ideas

 Heyo! So have I mentioned how much I  Valentine's Day?! Well it's coming right up and this year I am hosting my "second annual" GALentine's Day! 
This is just when all my girlfriends come over and enjoy treats, pink wine, and great company.  Remember all of those healthy treats I shared? Yeah no-not last year.  Here's some things I did for the party last year-it was so much fun!  And literally Pretty [&] Cheap.  
see what I did there ;)

Melted Almond Bark was legit my best friend. It's only $2.50 at Walmart.
 Oreos! I love the little heart sprinkles (also from Walmart).  These were SO easy to make! Just dip and sprinkle :)
*Can you tell those are Walmart brand Oreos?  When you're dipping them in delicious almond bark, who cares? :) #savingmoney

 Pretzels! Just dipped 'em and added sprinkles. Would be so fun to do with kiddos!
 Also, pink wafers.  Any chance to add pink-obviously. 
*rolls eyes at self
I put everything in adorable heart bowls that I got for $1 at the Dollar Store!
 This precious candy heart box was $1 at the Target Buck Stop-score!! 
Obviously had to fill it with candy hearts (my fave!!!)
I just put the long pretzels in one of our (conveniently) red cups.  That cup went into a bowl filled with even more pretzels.  
Which I made like this: Step 1) spread them out on a cookie sheet
 Step 2) Slice almond bark and into the oven. Literally no work. Done.  
Here's what our table looked like:
 [napkins from the Dollar Store]

 I love this shot! The adorable wreath around the bowl is from the Dollar Store as well.  

Honestly, this party was SO much fun to host!  We had a blast and I spent maybe $20, including the adorable decorations, which I'll be using again this year.  
I can't wait for Friday's party!  What are your plans? :)

♥, courtney

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  1. What a fun party, love it all!!!! You guys did a great job!!