Monday, February 10, 2014

Healthy Holiday: Valentine's Day

So...I may have mentioned [again, and again, and AGAIN] I am trying to be really healthy!
[I swear I'm not trying to make this a health blog...]
 The holidays can be such a difficult time to keep up with a diet, and if you're anything like me, you can't limit yourself to ONE cookie-that's just crazy!
I thought I'd share some of my favorite treats that you can enjoy until your heart's [no pun intended] content!  Delicious and guilt free! 

Peppers are an amazing snack, aren't these just adorable?!

This pepper is adorably stuffed.  I love how nature gives us the color we want for Valentine's Day! :)

This idea is SO easy, but healthy and cheap! WIN WIN WIN!

Another simple fruit idea:

How adorable are these little Valentines for a class?

Or maybe for a special cutie in your life :)

I need to find a heart cookie cutter STAT!

Again, SO unbelievably simple, delicious AND healthy!  Even add a little whip cream-YUMMY!

Who else loves avocados? Power food!

I've also been obsessed with cherry tomatoes! This one might take a little more time, but definitely worth it!

What's your favorite way to stay healthy during the holidays? Please share!

, court

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