Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Mid-Month Must Haves

I love the end of the month "monthly favorites" videos, but I always miss them in the middle of the month. So I thought I'd switch it up and start something new--Mid Month Must Haves.  This is basically the same thing, a random compilation of my favorite things this last month, only in the middle of it :) 
& sorry this wasn't up yesterday but my computer crashed!!  It's pretty devastating but hopefully I can still fix it...If anyone know how to fix a Mac grey screen--holla because it's still broken :(

1) Apple cider vinegar
I might do a whole post about this because I have been loving it SO much! I use it topically on my face and it has been such a game changer! I struggle with deep, hormonal, cystic acne and ever since I started using this, my skin has completely changed! All I do is mix this with some water (about 1:3) and use it morning and night with a cotton ball.  Literally nothing fancy.  I even got the Heinz brand because you know what, it was cheaper and they had it at Wal-Mart.  So there.  This stuff has been awesome!  The quickest change was that my makeup looks totally different-it stays on better, applies smoother, and doesn't oxidize throughout the day.  It's also prevented any new pimples and evened out old marks.  I could go on and on...   

There isn't an Ulta really close by where I live (luckily!) but when I was home recently I stopped in with my sister to look for a good highlighter (for her, not me).  I spotted this and tested it in the store. NOTHING that allegedly covers up dark circles has ever worked for me.  I have deep eyes and no matter how much sleep I get, very dark circles.  The moment I put this on one of my eyes, my sister looked up and told me I had to get it.  It has a salmon-y, orange-ish undertone which counteracts the blue/purple very well.  It also has coconut oil which helps moisturize and reduce fine lines and settling.  It took me a few days to figure out exactly how to use it, but if I set it with a mattifying powder, it looks great and stays all day! Definitely a staple from now on.     
Words cannot express how much this product has changed my hair's life!!  I think it may be safe to say this is my favorite hair product I've ever used.  The best way to describe it would be that it makes your hair feel rough...in a good way.  Does that make sense?  I feel like it gives me that "second day hair" curl ability even on freshly washed hair.  And the HOLD! omygosh.  It's not designed as a hairspray but it hold my curls better than anything else I've tried.  All I do is curl my hair, comb it out, and spray a ton of this on both sides (top and bottom) and style/shape it with my fingers.  It's seriously amazing.  I'm sure there are a million billion other things to use it for too, but so far I'm loving this. 
4) Hummus
More specifically...eaten with raw onions.  So this is weird but I've been super-de-duper obsessed with hummus this past month.  I've been making wraps for lunch, having it with veggies for snacks, I just cannot get enough.  There are tons of varieties but I get the Roasted Red Pepper because I like the spice.  PS-I get the Aldi kind though because it's cheaper :)
5) Planner (DIY)
Not embarrassed to admit that I legitimately fan girled over my planner.  I am loving it so so much and I hope to post about it soon! Let's just say, if I had to pick between my planner and the teasing spray (above) it would be a difficult decision. BUT I could just write in my planner "Buy more teasing spray" sooooo...decision made!  If you want my planner cover see THIS post :)

Even though it is darn cold out, I refuse to wear my jacket already (okay I did once!).  Instead, I love wearing my simple white puffy vest I got on extra double super clearance from Land's End (dude, have you checked out their sales?? Killer).  I just ordered this one (above) from Wal-Mart for *drumroll please* 9.88!! Seriously a steal considering the one from JCrew that has basically become a cult favorite on the web, is around $120-$150.  I know they're not the same but for 140 bucks, I can pretend! See...
^This is Caitlin from Southern Curls & Pearls.  I adore her style!!

So, Wal-Mart carries really cute statement necklaces now...for only $10! I noticed them a few weeks ago when I was home...and maybe I bought three, so what? Whoops #mybad.  But the white one (middle) is "on hold" for a Christmas gift.  I thought it would look cute for any upcoming bridal events! :)  They are really cute and fashionable and for $10, the quality is great!  I love pairing a bold necklace like this with a basic white tee, skinny jeans and boots or flats for fall.  Throw on that puffy vest and it's Wal-mart for the win!!

8)  Alexandrea Garza (YouTube and blog)
This girl.  I think I found her when I was searching for a wedding binder video.  She does a lot of makeup and style videos and she is just too adorable!  I was quickly drawn to her because we're both Midwest girls who love makeup, fashion, hair, Disney and Lilly Pulitzer, and we're both getting married next spring!  She seems super down to earth and I feel like we have similar styles.  I love her #weddingbelles series (of course) but seriously, all her videos are great. Go check her out! 

I've seen this floating around Pinterest for a while, but I didn't seek it out until just this past month.  As I kind of mentioned above, I've been working on my Wedding Binder and I thought this stuff would be perfect.  Well, it is! It's a really gorgeous shade of gold and it was only $4.88 from...you guess it, Wal-Mart!  It's super easy to use because it's removable.  It doesn't flake off like a lot of glitter papers so glitter doesn't go everywhere and it's self-adhesive.  I seriously love it and just watch, everything I own will be gold glitter by this time next month.    
This show is so funny! We actually started watching it because I joined my first ever fantasy football league (so fancy) this year.  It's hilarious and totally not all about football, which is good.  The characters are awesome and the writing is just top notch.  One of those shows where there really are no bad episodes, you know what I mean?  It's a lighthearted comedy that I love watching on relaxing evenings.  It's on Netflix so check it out! 

And that's all folks! See you soon :)
<3, court

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