Monday, December 31, 2012

Less is More???

Lately, I seem to be having the issue of see when I first moved into an apartment I had...
1) crappy bed
2) crappy futon
3) crappy dresser
and that was it!

So I put out a call to everyone I knew for furniture.  I bought every supercheap piece I could find in every dark corner of every resale shop in town.  I asked for furniture for every birthday/Christmas since.

Which leads me to today. I (we) have *deep breath*...
1) new (awsome!) bed
2) desk with hutch
3) work desk
4) expedit
5) dresser
6) vanity
7) old crappy dresser (still from orginal list)
8) couch
9) couch
10) loveseat
11) big heavy coffee table
12) flimsy little coffee table
13) old full size crappy bed (from original list)
14) desk #3
15) two mismatched endtables
16) bookshelf
17) bookshelf
19) cheap (broken) rolling desk
10) not to mention: two TVs with two entertainment centers, treadmill, assorted lamps, and washer/dryer

(long pause)
Just writing that out makes me seem like a serious furniture hoarder.  I swear my house is not that cluttered (is it????) Where did I get all these things?! What do I do with them now?? Most of them are functioning but I mean really?

The main issue is, I think, is that I am terribly horribly painfully indecisive TO. A. FAULT.  It's like I think every decision is final and forever and definitly-no way-certainly will never, ever, ever, (singing!) work out.
There's no way I could paint a table twice if I don't like the original shade. Or God forbid I move a piece of furniture from room to room if it's not working. 

Has anyone else had these issues like me, or am I just out here by myself on  indecisivie island?

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