Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Okay so here's the deal, I LOVE Valentine's Day, I really do! And not only because my favorite color is pink and it's EVERYWHERE this time of year :) I just think it's such a nice opportunity to give thoughtful little gifts and let the people in your life know how much you care about them.  I've listed a few of mine below.  What are your plans for LOVE DAY? :) 

For Him:
This is definitely what I'm getting my mister on February 14th.  He's been talking about how he wishes he could make his own breakfast sandwiches before work, and this one was only $25 at Walmart!  I think gifts are really special when you listen and remember things the other person said :)  

I actually made this Beer Cake for my fiance for Christmas.  He thought it was hilarious and thoughtful.  It was SO easy to make, maybe I'll do a tutorial someday.
I think he'd like this better than a bouquet of roses.
I also homemade a similar basket for my man's Christmas gift.  He loves spicy food so I included jalapeno peppers, Flamin' Hot Cheetos, Cholula, Salsa, Hot Chili, Spicy V8 and Hot Tamales.  I made a sign that said "You're HOT" and he loved it :)
My guy isn't really into sweet things (see above) but I bet anyone would love these super soft, Valentine's themed cookies.

For Her:
I have always thought this was such a cute idea! Pre-planned dates for each month in a basket.  Takes the thought out of it but is still a surprise.  Precious.  She even has date ideas on her blog!

Peanut Butter & Chocolate.  'Nuff said. 

Another cute yet very cheap idea.  What a great keepsake!

This gift idea is SO cute, and she did it on the cheap! I would love to get this thoughtful gift, and you can put as much or as little time into this DIY as you want.  

I purchased necklaces from Eliza Jay for Christmas and they were SUCH a hit (literally, tears were shed).  They arrived so quickly for a custom piece and I love the quality.  Anything customized will win her heart!

For Parents:
It would be so fun to help a little one create this colorful work of art!

Embarrassing but true, I made this card for my own mom just a few years ago (it's kind of "our saying").  She loved it and it was super easy!

I also made this for my mom! Another super easy, and deliciously simple, DIY.

Fun for teachers or babysitters to do with kids.  Would be cute to see how each kid creates different patterns :) I remember doing this as a kid myself!

Adorable coupon book for parents (or anyone really).  Cute keepsake and the kiddos can make up their own "coupons"!

For Teachers:
Simple but I'm almost positive they'd love (and use) it!

Another simple idea-

A different take on those silly popcorn tins!

I know you can get these cups cheap and the flag on the straw really makes it special.

Okay but really, who wouldn't love to get a s'more kit?? This would be great it you had several teachers to give gifts to.  

For Classmates:
Bringing Valentine's to class and exchanging used to be so much fun! These will be sure to get the other students talking :)

Stop by the dollar store for some of these critters.

We all know how much we love Twinkies (especially given the recent scare!) and minions.  Put the two together.... 

Dollar Store saves the day again! These cute shovels and printable make for a great little gift!

Takes a little bit of advanced planning, but totally worth it! Super cute. 

CEREAL-sly, could this be cuter? And I can't get over those awesome pink spoons!

For Coworkers:
It really livens and brightens up the office when holidays are celebrated (appropriately).  So much fun to show your coworkers how much you appreciate them!  Here are some simple and easy ideas for all my hard workers out there with no extra time to make treats (like me!) 

Luckily (unluckily??), they just opened a Dunkin' Donuts near my house :)  I'm sure you could customize this little sleeve with whatever language you'd like-so cute!

I made this for a coworker last Christmas after I noticed she was always drinking Mt. Dew.  I would be great for your team members and this site has printables-score!

Another super creative yet inexpensive gift.  Literally takes almost no time but will show your gratitude. 

I am totally making these for my coworkers, no lie.  I think it's hilarious and would make everyone laugh.  Again, very simple and not at all time consuming! 

It really says something when this is the most time consuming gift idea of all at about 10 minutes. These are cute, festive and could be bagged up individually, or left out in a bowl with cute little dixie cups.  

 So there it is-30 great gift ideas for everyone in your life.  Which ones are you thinking about making?  Happy Valentine's Day! <3

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